Schoolchildren deliver 'Snow Day' news in song

My daughter is a California baby and has never known the anticipation and excitement of waiting for the "no school" announcement on a snowy day. But I do. I grew up in Massachusetts and can vividly remember getting up early and sitting by the radio listening impatiently for the good news.

New Jersey's Hopewell Valley Regional School District took a different, and much more fun, approach to delivering the much-anticipated news. They prerecorded their elementary school's chorus and band singing "Snow Day" to the tune of the Lumineers' "Ho Hey." Their superintendent Tom Smith got in on the fun too by making an appearance and telling a hokey joke.

On January 4, winter storm Grayson gave them their "Snow Day," allowing the district to share the video on social media.

This isn't their first. The school district has a long history of unusual announcements.