Teenage boy opens package in front of his mother and is *shocked* to learn it's a bong

This poor kid. He ordered a part for his video game console, but the mail order company screwed up and sent him a bong by mistake and he had to open the box under the watchful eye of his mother.

Kid: "It looks like a big plastic… metal… vase. It's got a glass bottom… I think it's a vase."

Mother: "Open it then."

Kid: "I'm opening it! Chill!"

Kid: "It just looks like a vase for a bunch of… things."

Mother: "It's a bong."

Kid: "What the frick?"

Mother: "It's a bong."

Kid: "What the heck? I didn't order that! I ordered an XBox card… an XBox remote. Oh wow, I did not order that."