These wireless earbuds are extremely low-maintenance

Beryllium is an element commonly found in stars' cores and, as it turns out, audio equipment as well. We won't bore you too much with the science involved, but beryllium possesses a host of qualities that, when used in audio components, like diaphragms, makes for uniquely high responsiveness and sound clarity.

TREBLAB's new X2 Completely Wireless In-Ear Headphones use beryllium to create a next-level listening experience, and they're on sale for $66.99

While many headphones focus on producing solely strong bass, this usually sacrifices crisp treble and mid-tones. TREBLAB's beryllium-backed buds give you crisp sound without compromise, and they even help you block out distractions through CVC 6.0 noise cancellation. They can also take calls directly and connect multiple devices, so you don't have to constantly unpair and repair.

Treblab's X2 Completely Wireless In-Ear Headphones retail for $79.99, but you can get them on sale for $66.99 today.