Trump wants to cap lifetime Medicaid benefits, even for disabled people, the chronically ill, and people with Alzheimer's

If Trump gets his way, your elderly relatives will be evicted from nursing homes after their Alzheimer's care eats up their lifetime Medicaid benefits; as Yves Smith writes, "are family members supposed to let them wander out into traffic and have nature take its course?"

Of course, the Republicans have a handy rejoinder: uncapped Medicaid benefits just incentivize people to have parents who develop Alzheimer's, children who are born with chronic illnesses, and partners who become disabled. Unless we cap this benefit, people will just go on recklessly choosing to be born into families that don't have unlimited budgets for their loved ones' health care. Capping the benefit will force them to confront their bad life choices and — shit, you know what? I fucking give up.

(Signed, Chronically Ill)

The move would continue the Trump administration's push to inject conservative policies into the Medicaid program through the use of federal waivers, which allow states more flexibility to create policies designed to promote personal and financial responsibility among enrollees.

However, advocates say capping Medicaid benefits would amount to a massive breach of the nation's social safety net designed to protect children, the elderly and the impoverished.

After approving Medicaid work requirements, Trump's HHS aims for lifetime coverage limits [Tony Pugh/McClatchy DC]

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