Cool visual processing experiment with particles

Justin Lincoln creates lots of interesting little tidbits of visual ideas, like this particle capture experiment that is kind of unsettling.

Via his site:

We live in a world where information, including images, texts, and sounds are
abundantly available, but also incredibly atomized. Today one of the greatest creative
challenges is to put these atomized bits together in meaningful ways. The ubiquitous
presence of cameras, computers and online networks will continue to prompt changes
in art, education, and everything else we encounter. The ability to critically view and
creatively produce objects, whether digital or analog, will be increasingly important
types of literacies heading into the future. The task of coming to grips with these
literacies calls for a willingness to experiment and connect with other people. This is
where people like you and I might lend a hand.

Bonus video: The Overload

First particle capture (Vimeo / Justin Lincoln)