Satisfying manufacturing videos

Core77 published its annual collection of "the best mind-melting manufacturing videos," including furniture made from chocolate, a chicken-wire wrapper, a thermoformed case, a cookie-cutter former, and more. My favorite is this blobby ceramic bowl stamper:

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Had no idea this is how you mass manufacture printed ceramics ? (via @world_of_engineering) #processporn

A post shared by Core77 (@core77) on Aug 24, 2018 at 5:04am PDT

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Cool visual processing experiment with particles

Justin Lincoln creates lots of interesting little tidbits of visual ideas, like this particle capture experiment that is kind of unsettling. Read the rest

How ink is made: a voluptuous process revealed in a mouth-watering video

Ayun Halliday of Open Culture wrote about this luscious ink-making video. Read the rest