JUMPSUIT: counterfashion ungendered monogarments

JUMPSUIT is a "counter-fashion" created by "Marxist fashion designers" who solicited Ivanka Trump clothing to be shredded and rewoven into black and white fabric that is custom-made into one of 248-sized "ungendered multi-use monogarments," which come in fitted and unfitted (the winter line has long sleeves and the summer line has short sleeves).

The semi-joking organization behind the jumpsuits is called the Rational Dress Society, and their slogan is "Make America Rational Again." The jumpsuits are $200 (reflecting the cost of paying fair wages for everyone in the supply chain) but they also supply free patterns to make your own, either from recycled Ivanka fiber, or you know, those old Star Wars sheets you have lying around.

When we moved to back to LA in 2015, we cracked open the storage container we'd stashed in the desert a decade before and I discovered my long-forgotten souvenir jumpsuit from the launch party for the first issue of Wired, and, trying it on, discovered that it was insanely comfortable — the unbifurcated goodness of it, along with its generous pockets and so on, made it absolutely perfect for someone like me, who works out of his garage and has no dress code to conform to.

In the years since, I've bought half a dozen more, cutting the sleeves off a few for "summer" cuts, and even finding a couple of nice vintage ones. I now dread days in which I have to be in polite society and clothed in trousers and a tee — and I love flying in my jumpsuits, as I always reject the pornoscanner, and pat-down searches are much more efficient in a single-piece garment.

Ten years ago, I had a brief flirtation with another kind of unbifurcated garment, the Utilikilt, and discovered the joy of an undivided Y-axis; now having learned the pleasures of an unbroken X-axis, I'm contemplating trying out a muu-muu, just to see what it's like when all bifurcations are dispensed with. If you find me walking around town wearing a trashbag with a neckhole and two armholes cut out, you have my permission to send me home and make me put on some proper clothing.

JUMPSUIT is an ungendered, multi-use monogarment for everyday wear. It is disseminated in two forms: as a pre-made garment for purchase, and as an open-source pattern, available to download free of charge. The Rational Dress Society has developed a comprehensive new sizing system that can accommodate up to 248 different body types using gender-neutral terminology. Profits from JUMPSUIT will go into a fund to purchase a full page ad in American Vogue. The publication of the ad will mark the end of JUMPSUIT.

JUMPSUIT [Rational Dress Society]

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