Bill Murray's bringing back bell bottoms with 'Bill-Bottoms'

The seventies called and Bill Murray answered.

When he's not busy being a Hollywood actor, comedian, and writer, he can found crashing parties, opening a restaurant with his brothers, or introducing his new retro-styled golf pants — bell-bottoms — at the Pebble Beach celebrity Pro-Am.

They're adorably called Bill-Bottoms and they're a collaboration with San Francisco clothing label Betabrand. Each pair features Mr. Murray's signature "Lucy the Caboosie" print of caboose blueprints and peonies (a tribute to his Mom who loves the flowers).

These handsome retro trousers are ready for all manner of gentlemanly pursuits, thanks to amazing four-way stretch fabric that stubbornly resists wrinkles while wicking away moisture like a thirsty St. Bernard.

For about $100 you can get a pair for your-bad-self. They ship in July, if enough folks crowdfund it.