This groovy tune will help you pick your work-from-home outfits while in quarantine

John J. King is a playwright and all-around awesome and clever dude; we were playwriting fellows together at the Huntington Theatre Company in Boston, and I also contributed some music to his Hamlet/James Bond mashup From Denmark With Love.

Now John has decided to share his work-from-home tips, in the form of a fun, dance-y music video (clothing optional). Enjoy! Read the rest

Monk digs Johnny Griffin’s Pants

Jazz genius Thelonious Monk was often known for his laconic mumbling and other idiosyncrasies beside his legendary compositions, technique, and contributions to jazz. But in this short clip, Monk is crystal clear in sharing his thoughts on fellow bandmate saxophonist Johnny Griffin’s new pants.

“Some bad muthafuckers” indeed!

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Watch this and you'll be humming about sexy pants all day

Bill Wurtz is back, this time with sexy pants. Read the rest

Bill Murray's bringing back bell bottoms with 'Bill-Bottoms'

The seventies called and Bill Murray answered.

When he's not busy being a Hollywood actor, comedian, and writer, he can found crashing parties, opening a restaurant with his brothers, or introducing his new retro-styled golf pants -- bell-bottoms -- at the Pebble Beach celebrity Pro-Am.

They're adorably called Bill-Bottoms and they're a collaboration with San Francisco clothing label Betabrand. Each pair features Mr. Murray's signature "Lucy the Caboosie" print of caboose blueprints and peonies (a tribute to his Mom who loves the flowers).

These handsome retro trousers are ready for all manner of gentlemanly pursuits, thanks to amazing four-way stretch fabric that stubbornly resists wrinkles while wicking away moisture like a thirsty St. Bernard.

For about $100 you can get a pair for your-bad-self. They ship in July, if enough folks crowdfund it.

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Purple paisley bell bottom pants

I needed a pair of purple paisley bell bottom pants. Everyone does!


These fit pretty true to size.

Mens Run & Fly 60s 70s Vintage Grape Paisely Corduroy Retro Bell Bottom Flares via Amazon Read the rest

Iranian soccer star suspended for wearing SpongeBob pants

Sosha Makani, 29, was goalkeeper of Tehran's Persepolis soccer club. But not any more, after Iranian morality police saw him photographed in a pair of SpongeBob Squarepants pants.

“Sosha suspended for six months because of yellow trousers,” read the headline of Varzesh3, an Iranian sports news agency. “SpongeBob [trousers] cause six-month suspension for Sosha,” said the online news agency Asriran. ... Last month, Iranian news agencies reported that Makani, who played for Iran’s national football team at the 2014 World Cup, was being scrutinised by the authorities over his trousers.

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Man arrested after trying to walk out of store with PlayStation 4 in pants

Sony's game console comes in a box 19 inches long, 13 inches wide, and just over 4 inches thick. It does not fit in your pants, as Floridian Christopher Caldwell learned to his dismay.

A security guard at a Port St. Lucie Walmart told police that he saw Caldwell, 36, not only "sticking the PlayStation 4 in his pants" but stuffing in accessories, too. When he left the store without paying for the gear, he was stopped. Mr. Caldwell now faces a charge of felony grand theft.

Will Greenlee of the St. Lucie News-Tribune explains what sort of pants might be able to contain the 10-pound retail package, or even merely the 6.17-pound console itself.

Pants fitting that description include so-called Hammer pants, which are strikingly generous in the thigh/crotch area and were popularized by the 1990s rapper M.C. Hammer (real name Stanley Kirk Burrell).

Harem pants, often worn by belly dancers, also fit the bill. A November 2012 article in “Vanity Fair” talks of Justin Beiber’s affinity for harem pants and describes them as “a supremely unflattering style of trousers that droop above the knee like an oversize diaper before tapering down to the ankle.”

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