Tourists at Winter Olympics are enjoying Penis Park in their downtime

If you're at the Winter Olympics in South Korea and want a diversion from winter sports, why not head over to Penis Park, also known as Haesindang Park, which is only a one-hour hop, skip and a hump away. There you can tool around the much-larger-than-life penii, which work as wind-chimes, benches, statues, and even a penis-shaped cannon (but a sign warns that you may not mount this particular penis).

In case you're wondering why South Korea decided to dedicate a park to the male member, Buzzfeed explains:

Located on the beautiful coast of Sinnam, South Korea, the park is dedicated to the memory of a young virgin woman whose fisherman lover left her on rock while he caught fish at sea. Needless to say, a storm came and she died. Because who leaves their virgin girlfriend stranded on a rock?

Legend has it, after her death the villagers could no longer catch fish. So they did the only thing you can do when a virgin dies in a storm, and built giant wooden penises to appease her spirit. Strangely enough, the strategy worked, and the villagers were able to catch fish again. And so they continued to erect more carvings in her honor.

Although it's hard to beat the Olympics, for some a trip to Penis Park could well be the climax of their trip.