Serial streaker crashed Olympic ice in a pink tutu and a monkey-faced codpiece

This ain't Mark Roberts' first rodeo. The British nudist who hopped onto an Olympic ice rink at PyeongChang in a pink tutu and a monkey-faced codpiece (strategically covering his junk, of course) has a long history of streaking. For 25 years now, Roberts has run bare (partially or completely) at hundreds of international sport events, […]

Tourists at Winter Olympics are enjoying Penis Park in their downtime

If you're at the Winter Olympics in South Korea and want a diversion from winter sports, why not head over to Penis Park, also known as Haesindang Park, which is only a one-hour hop, skip and a hump away. There you can tool around the much-larger-than-life penii, which work as wind-chimes, benches, statues, and even […]