Mark Mothersbaugh from DEVO has a line of rad eyeglasses

DEVO's Mark Mothersbaugh has a line of fantastic spectacles for booji boys and girls. Guaranteed to help you stay focused on the smart patrol! Here's Mothersbaugh on how eyeglasses improved his vision, and his life:

I have a really bad astigmatism and extreme myopia. I could see just enough to make it around a room but kids would throw a ball, and it would hit me in the head. I was happy and just kept running around because I didn't know that I was any different than anybody else. The teachers at school would ask me to read the board and I'd say, 'What's a board?'" and they'd put me in the corner. Finally they tested me, and it was like "Oh my God, he can't see the big 'E' on an eye chart from 12 inches away.

So, I got glasses right before my eighth birthday, and in the car on the way home I remember seeing clouds and trees. I had never seen what the top of a tree looked like. I had never seen a roof of a house. I was stunned and excited. The next day, I was drawing pictures. I remember the teacher who had been totally frustrated with me and disciplining me every day said, "Mark, you draw trees better than me." That was the first time a teacher had ever said anything nice. I was struck by it, because I had never had a teacher say anything positive to me in my life. And I remember that that night, I went home and had a dream that I was going to be an artist.

Mothersbaugh Eyewear (via @artofcoop)

Portlandia's Fred Armisen modeling the Akronite eyewear: