Watch divers harvest hardy "super corals" in hopes of repopulating reefs

Great Barrier Reef Legacy is one of a number of organizations racing to collect and study coral colonies that miraculously survive major bleaching events. The hope is that these "super corals" can help restore reefs decimated by environmental change.

Far Northern corals are now considered to be the superstock of GBR coral species. 12 live Super Coral colonies were collected by Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS). In a world first, 9 of the Super Coral colonies have spawned and are now joining over 200,000 coral larvae from the November spawning that are successfully settling onto special plates at the National Sea Simulator. 99 live coral fragments collected by University Technology Sydney (UTS) will be further analyzed for their entire biological make up.

Learn more about the success of the expedition on their website.

Search for the Super Corals (YouTube / Great Barrier Reef Legacy)