Ben Carson now blaming his own wife for the $31,000 dining set

Nothing like a husband who throws his own wife under the bus. And that's just what "The Honorable Ben Carson" (yes, take a look, his desk placard actually says that!) did when he explained to a House committee hearing today that his wife, Candy, was the one who bought the $31,000 mahogany dining set for his office without his knowledge.

"If it were up to me my office would probably look like a hospital waiting room, but at any rate, I invited my wife to come along and help me," the good doctor says, referring to redecorating his office.

He then says that the old dining set was dangerous, with nails sticking out of it, and needed to be replaced, so he was given a catalog to look at. "The prices were beyond what I wanted to pay, I made it clear that that just didn't seem right to me, and I left it with my wife."

And then it was the wifey who purchased the outrageously priced dining set, which he knew nothing about, because, well, he had so many other more important things to do. Wow, with husbands like that, who needs husbands?