Ben Carson says he got coronavirus from 'probably somewhere, out there in the universe,' HUD Secretary recovering at home

• Carson was at the White House for an election night party.

HUD Secretary Ben Carson is the latest Trump administration official to test positive for the coronavirus that causes the potentially lethal disease COVID-19. Mr. Carson told @bterris of the Washington Post that he contracted the coronavirus "probably somewhere, out there in the universe."

"I really came down with symptoms yesterday. Fever of 101. Chills. Muscle cramps. Respiratory issues and fatigue," Carson said. Excerpt:

Carson, who tested positive Monday morning at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center after experiencing symptoms, was at the White House last Tuesday for an election night event, as was White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, who also has tested positive for the virus. Carson was around senior administration officials and other Cabinet members during the event.

Several attendees at the election night party said they had not been contacted by the White House for tracing purposes, even though they were in the room with Meadows and Carson.

Andrew Hughes, Carson's chief of staff, said in an email to HUD staff that Carson is "resting at his house and is already beginning to feel better." Anyone who had been in contact with Carson last week is in the process of being notified, Hughes wrote, and "all precautions are being taken."

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