Machine learning projects for kids

Dale Lane's Machine Learning for Kids project uses extensions to the popular Scratch programming environment to teach the basics of machine learning to children.

It aims to make mastering machine-learning fun and intuitive, and its been tested on lots of school groups, with a set of starter projects that are fun and instructional.

The best way for kids to learn about machine learning is for them to get hands-on, first-hand experiences.

If they can train a computer to do something, they'll get it.

If they see what makes it learn more effectively, or what sort of training makes it get everything wrong – they'll get it.

If presented in the right way, the basic principles can be totally accessible.

We need some equivalent to Scratch. An easy to use tool, that provides a visual metaphor for the concept of machine learning.

Something that lets them set up a few buckets, and then collect examples of text or images or numbers – to train a computer to be able to recognise them.

Machine learning projects
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