Fox News accidentally puts up a poll graphic that shows how they are the least trusted network

UPDATE 4/12/2018: Yes, Fox did accidentally put up the wrong poll graphic, but Fox has since pointed out that the confusing graphic wasn't actually showing that Fox is the least trusted network. Instead, what the graphic intended to do was to compare CNN, MSNBC and Fox News to Trump. The graphic asks who people trust more, CNN or Trump, MSNBC or Trump, and Fox News or Trump. When looking at it this way, people trust all three networks more than they trust Trump.

During a Fox news segment in which Republican strategist Frank Luntz thought the media should give Trump more credit for the nation's economic "clear recovery," someone behind the scenes made a boo boo.

When host Howard Kurtz asked for a poll to be put up on the screen that asks if the media reports fake news, viewers got a look at the wrong poll – one put out by Monmouth University that asks people which network they trust more, CNN, MSNBC, or Fox News.

Not surprising but a knee-slapper nonetheless, the graphic for the poll showed that people trusted CNN most, at 48%, followed by MSNBC at 45%. Fox came in last place with a mere 30% of those polled thinking that the network was trustworthy.

Kurtz quickly said, "This is not the graphic we're looking for – hold off. Take that down please!"

Via Mashable