FortNite Battle Royale's instantly deploying 'Porta-Fort' looks really cool

The world's most popular video game, FortNite Battle Royale, revolves around building forts and shooting chumps. Building can be really difficult, and it is hard to win without learning this skill. Enter the Porta-Fort.

FortNite has quickly replaced all other games my daughter and I played. Now we play together, roving the island of death with me insisting we hunt down others, and my daughter trying to find great places to deploy her bush camouflage.

I wonder how the Porta-Fort will change things. I am not sure it will, because the crazy build-off fights between experienced players reach for the sky — but tossing a Porta-Fort may sometimes give you the instant edge you need.

Shooting chumps is still hard. They've recently improved first round accuracy to help with that too. This chump got shot.

The new replay system is fun too!