Fortnite OG: Going backward shows just how great the game has become

Fortnite OG is proving to be everything I hoped a tribute to the Chapter 1 game could be. During a brief 1 month pause between major updates, the break between Chapters 4 and 5, Epic has brought back the golden era of Fortnite.

Starting with a very close replica of the Season 5 map, bringing back the old weapon sets while using the best quality-of-life and movement mechanics from the current game makes for a lot of fun! Damage traps, hunting rifles, and the grappler are back in my loadout as I land at Lucky Landing or the old hotel just after the comet struck. Over the next month, the map will evidently be rapidly evolving through the rest of Chapter 1.

The old map works perfectly with the new physics and graphics engine. I hope there is a regular event where they give us brief runs of OG. I worry keeping it as a permanent mode will result in super low player counts. Tournament OG would be a lot of fun too.