Watch great film moments juxtaposed with the original screenplay

In filmmaking, they say you make three films: the film you write, the film you shoot, and the film you screen. YouTuber Script to Screen takes bits of iconic films to show how the as-produced scene differs from the original screenplay. In some cases, actors might ad lib a great line; in others, the scene may use an alt take for time or simplicity.

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Swipe ← • ◦ Taxi Driver (1976) check out @the_goodfilms for the best cinema content! "You talking to me?" • Directed by: Martin Scorsese • Written by: Paul Schrader • Did you know? The scene where Travis Bickle is talking to himself in the mirror was completely ad-libbed by Robert De Niro. The screenplay details just said, "Travis looks in the mirror." Martin Scorsese claims that he got the inspiration for the scene from Marlon Brando mouthing words in front of a mirror in Reflections in a Golden Eye (1967).

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