Watch police contact the YouTube shooter the night before her attack

The Mercury News obtained and released a 30-minute captioned bodycam video of police interacting with Nasim Aghdam as she slept in a Walmart parking lot a few hours before shooting three people and killing herself at YouTube headquarters.

Via Mercury News:

Her family had reported her missing, but the police seem unsure about what they can do beyond confirming her identity and checking on her state of mind. It's interesting to see all the technology in use during the contact, where dispatchers check in with San Diego where the report originated and just tried to figure out what's up.

The footage was from both officers' cameras who responded to the scene and interacted with Aghdam on April 3 at about 1:38 a.m., as well as police dispatcher's phone call to the San Diego County Sheriff's Department inquiring about the missing person's report, according to Mountain View police.

Walmart allows people to sleep in vehicles overnight in their lots, so it seems as if she's someone down on her luck. The entire half hour is non-confrontational, and it just seems to be a family matter, so they clear her missing persons case after contacting her father. Hours later, she ended her life following the attack.

Police bodycam footage of Nasim Aghdam hours before YouTube shooting released (Full Video) (YouTube / Mercury News)