Gentleman in car crash gives police his dashcam to prove innocence, but footage shows him committing earlier crime

After a Royal Palm Beach man crashed his car, he wanted police officers to check his dashcam to prove it was the other driver's fault.

But his dashcam showed more than just the car crash – it also showed earlier footage of the 25-year-old gentleman grabbing a baseball bat from his trunk and using it to bash a window of a beauty store, and then whacking at the store's safe. Moran was arrested, but apparently he was then released.

And then he was arrested again two days later, this time because he "allegedly threatened to shoot his brother with an assault rifle and pistol," according to the Palm Beach Post. "Moran and his brother live with their parents in Royal Palm Beach. During the incident, Moran allegedly pointed the gun at his father and threatened to harm his parents as well as his brother."

While he was in police custody, he tried to escape with his handcuffs on, making it as far as hopping a fence and trying to hide behind some bushes.

Even though he faces "two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and one count each of battery, resisting an officer without violence and escape," the lucky fellow was released from jail on Sunday "under court-ordered supervision." Yay for his family, neighbors and community.

Image: Mug shot of Xavier Inocencio Moran / Palm Beach County Sheriff's Department