Harry Anderson, TV's 'Night Court' star, has died at 65 in Asheville, N.C.

Actor Harry Anderson, best known for presiding over NBC's 'Night Court,' has died. He was 65.

Anderson was found at his home by police officers early Monday morning, reports WSPA-TV of Greenville, N.C. No foul play was suspected, police told the station.

Anderson was a magician turned actor who was known as a rabid fan of jazz singer Mel Torme. The affection for Torme was woven into his TV alter ego, Judge Harry Stone, a quirky character who ruled the bench at a Manhattan night court. The sitcom was a mainstay of NBC from 1984 to 1992. Anderson earned three consecutive Emmy nominations for his work on the show from 1985-1987.

Below, the intro and outro of 'Night Court.'

Anderson was a master stage magician and illusionist.

In the Tonight Show clip below, Johnny Carson calls him 'One of the best comedy magicians around.' In this clip, he brings Carson a great magic catalog, like the kind kids growing up in his generation would order pranks, gags, and illusion tricks from. He shows Carson one from 1940.


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