CIA & Army veteran has the best response to Gina Haspel confirmation obfuscation

David Chasteen is a veteran of the CIA, who has also served in combat with the United States Army in Iraq, and elsewhere.

David just tweeted what amounts to the best response I've seen yet to Gina Haspel's behavior during her Senate confirmation hearing earlier this week. Didn't watch it on CSPAN or read the hot takes? Here's what she did: deny, obfuscate, justify, lie.

Haspel is President Donald Trump's pick to lead the Central Intelligence agency. She was involved in the destruction of CIA tapes that documented waterboarding of war-on-terror detainees, and she was involved in other agency endeavors that amounted to torture.
Haspel this week said torture is passé, and she wouldn't okay it now as CIA chief. This former rank-and-file CIA guy calls BS.

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