Just look at this racist talking robot banana

Mike from the Useless Duck Company simply wanted to make a dancing and talking banana robot. For his troubles, he got banned from Twitch due to racist and sexist content.

The first part of the video is a nice explainer on the project, the specs, the build, and so on. The premise was to make a robot that said whatever people commenting on his Twitch stream had posted. You can imagine the rest. A troll cell found the channel and started giving the banana the Tay treatment. Pretty soon it was penis butter [KY] jelly time for the poor banana, as Twitch denizens started making it say every racist and sexist thing you'd assume Twitch denizens would find amusing. Mike woke up to find he was banned for 24 hours and had a permanent strike on his channel.

I made a talking banana (YouTube / Useless Duck Company)