Street interview: what do Singaporeans think of their strict laws?

I went to Singapore a couple of months ago and was enchanted with the beauty and cleanliness of the tiny nation-state. I've never been anywhere that felt more futuristic — the new architecture is Jetsonian. But many neighborhoods look like they haven't changed much since the late 1800s (they are still sparkling clean). It seemed like there were a half dozen restaurants on every block – Chinese, Malaysian, Indonesian, Indian, Middle Eastern. The blend of old and new, and the blend of many different ethnic groups was very appealing.

I was aware that Singapore is a strict country – they execute drug smugglers, and chewing gum is forbidden. But after watching this video, I also learned that selling gum in Singapore can land you in prison for two years. Singing in public (without a license) is punishable by two months in prison. Connecting to someone else's Wifi could cost you three years in the slammer. Neglecting to flush a public toilet could result in a $150 fine — and cops can tell because some toilets have urine detectors installed in them that cause the door to be locked so the offender can be nabbed. Being naked in your own house carries a $1000 penalty. CCTV's monitor people in public and will get sent tickets for jaywalking. In this Asian Boss video, Singaporeans are asked if they are aware of the laws, and what they think of them.