5 important skills to learn this summer

Summer's here, which brings not only warmer weather but also the unsettling realization that the year is more than halfway over. So, for those who weren't as productive as they would have liked during the first half of 2018, we've rounded up 5 skill course bundles you can start learning today to help you finish the year strong and with some employable knowledge under your belt. Read on for details:

1. Back-end Development

MSRP: $2,786

Sale Price: $49 (98% off)

While front-end developers focus on building the portion of the website viewers experience, back-end developers work behind the scenes, ensuring vital information makes it from the guts of the website to the front without issue—a critical role that commands high-level pay. This 14-course collection will get you familiar with SQL, Bootstrap, and the other tools these experts use to keep websites running.

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2. The Complete 2018 CompTIA Certification Training Bundle: Lifetime Access

MSRP: $4,329

Sale Price: $59 (98% off)

Virtually every sector needs IT professionals to keep their operations online, and they're willing to pay a hefty sum for their services. However, demand alone isn't quite enough to get your foot in the door to this field. This 12-course training will prepare you to ace a number of certification exams from CompTIA, so you can stand a head above the competition. Jump in, and you'll start developing skills in a host of different IT disciplines from cloud computing to cybersecurity.

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3. The Complete Adobe CC Training Bundle

MSRP: $673

Sale Price: $29 (95% off)

Whether you're an aspiring photographer, illustrator, or animator, you'll likely be using the Adobe Creative Cloud suite in your line of work. This 65-hour training covers the essentials of Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, and a host of other key Adobe tools, so you can start producing your own content as a creative professional.

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4. The Complete Project Management Bundle

MSRP: $2,189

Sale Price: $29 (98% off)

Project management is undeniably one of the most versatile fields to break into, as virtually every company can use professionals skilled in cutting costs and boosting efficiency. Make your way through all 11 parts of this training, and you can join their ranks with knowledge in JIRA, Scrum, and other project management essentials

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5. Videography Bootcamp

MSRP: $1,728

Sale Price: $39 (97% off)

From the cinematography essentials to editing with Final Cut Pro, this 8-course collection can help you elevate your videography skills and work toward making your own creative projects. Plus, it even includes a course on drone videography, so you can learn how to integrate some stunning aerial shots into your own work.

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