Bronze masks coated in Vantablack produce trippy illusions

The fine folks who created the world's blackest black now have a sprayable version that adheres to most stable surfaces. To demonstrate, they sprayed two bronze masks, one on the inside and one on the outside, producing an interesting optical illusion.

Short clip of both bronze masks coated with Vantablack S-VIS, one coated externally and one internally. Both are on an eccentric rotation running at slightly different speeds.

From their site, which also has more technical specs:

To enhance the flexibility of applying super-black coatings, Surrey NanoSystems has developed a spray-on version called Vantablack S-VIS with a reflectance of typically 0.2% in the visible spectrum (@700nm). This allows super-black coatings to be applied to almost any stable material surface – such as polymers – as well as to large and complex shapes (objects just need to be able to fit into a spray painting booth). The application process is much more flexible than original Vantablack, which is applied in a vacuum chamber using low temperature chemical vapour deposition (CVD).

Both Vantablack S-VIS masks coated and rotating together (YouTube / Surrey NanoSystems)