Re/Search press releases its first-ever merch, only available for a few more hours

For cyberpunks of a certain vintage, Re/Search press (previously) was absolutely formative — books like Incredibly Strange Films, Zines!, and, of course, Modern Primitives (RIP, Fakir) were incredibly influential material for the modern happy mutant.

Now, decades (nearly half a century!) after the press's founding, they've finally produced a line of merch: tees, hoodies, totes, and mugs, which are only available for the next 14 hours (or so).

RE/Search seemed to be a more compact and longer-lasting "title" than Search & Destroy. I mean: did you really have to destroy EVERYTHING?!? The idea of searching and re-searching and continuing to search again seemed worthy of a lifetime quest: not taking knowledge for granted; continuing to investigate and RE-appraise and RE-new one's alleged inventory of knowledge—not to mention "wisdom"; shorthand for "big-pattern-thinking" embracing multiple cause-and-effect scenarios over time—the more time the better.

RE/Search seemed a concise sum-up of the meaning of life–forever! And finally, the fantasy of having RE/Search t-shirts, hoodies, book bags, a coffee mug to remind you of the purpose of living…

Re/Search [Teespring]

RE/Search t-shirts [V. Vale/Beyond the Beyond]