Adults get their childhood Yu-Gi-Oh! cards valued by an expert

Three adults dug out their childhood Yu-Gi-Oh! card collection for an expert appraisal, and all were surprised, albeit one unpleasantly so.

Business Insider spoke with Roy Raftery, a trading card expert and manager of Sneak Attack Games London. He valued our childhood Yu-Gi-Oh! card collections and decks.

He explained how the original cards that were featured on the show tend to be worth more money, as well as some other things to look out for in your own collection — but how much were our cards worth?

This is a follow-up on when they got their Pokémon cards valued:

The disappointment here is not as good as a good Antiques Roadshow pwnage:

We Got Our Childhood Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards Valued (YouTube / Tech Insider)