Kickstarting new Aquabats albums and TV shows!

The wonderful Aquabats, nearly killed when the network they'd signed with went out of business, are back, and they want to produce a new TV special episode of Super Show! with a new album to go with it.

They're kickstarting both, seeking a whopping $1.11 million (!), with premiums starting with access to the media they create, digital extras, tees, CDs, vinyl, posters, stickers, DVDs and Blurays, a limited edition wallet, and so on and so on.

I love this band, miss their show, and backed their Kickstarter.

We hear you loud and clear: It's time for The Aquabats to get to work, making more music and bringing back the Super Show! But the truth is we can't make ANYTHING without you… and since we're doing this for you, we wouldn't want to do it without you!

With YOUR SUPPORT, we can record The Aquabats' first NEW ALBUM since 2011, and shoot our first NEW TV SPECIAL since 2014. Not only will you get new music and television, you'll be helping introduce The Aquabats to a whole new generation of Righteous Comrades and future Aquacadets!

Join The Aquabats to Make the WORLD'S BEST MUSIC & TV [The Aquabats/Kickstarter]

(Thanks, Jo!)