Great movies to watch: Pretty much anything from Preston Sturges

One of my favorite filmmakers has always been Preston Sturges. I call him the Judd Apatow of the 1940s. He was Hollywood's first writer/director and his films are truly memorable (and entertaining) in a time when we all need a little more comedy in our lives.

My favorite is Sullivan's Travels starring Joel McCrea and Veronica Lake…

Followed closely by The Lady Eve starring Henry Fonda and Barbara Stanwyck…

His films resonate with me and are truly timeless because of their basis in character over concept. Let me clarify, his concepts are engaging and entertaining, it's just that his characters are even better.

Here is an interview I found with his widow who is just wonderful.

Here's Peter Bogdanovich talking about The Lady Eve

And Allan Arkush on The Lady Eve

Preston Sturges may or may not have invented the RomCom but he certainly was the father of several roots of the genre. You can discover his work for yourself here via some Amazon links:

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Watch "The Lady Eve"

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Watch "Sullivan's Travels"

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Buy "Five Screenplays by Preston Sturges" (great book!)

Comment below and let me know what you think.  I'm sure you will enjoy these films.