Scotty of strange parts adds wireless charging to an old iPhone

It's hard to make hardware mods to an iPhone, because there's not a lot of room to add anything, and it doesn't have user friendly parts or interfaces. But Scotty Allen, a hardware hacker who lives part-time in Shenzhen, met up with a guy who designed a little circuit board that gives older iPhones the capability to charge wirelessly.

You guys have been asking me for a long while now – Is it possible to add wireless charging to an older iPhone? Could you add wireless charging to an iPhone 7 or even a 6s? But it sounded pretty hard, so I held off. But I recently got a twitter DM from a Chinese guy named Yeke, who said he'd designed a circuit board (flex PCB) to do just this. So of course I had to go meet him, and try it for myself, which of course started me on an unexpected journey through the cell phone world of Huaqiangbei.