Air Canada hacked, user info stolen. If you're a user, change your password.

I enjoy flying with Air Canada. I did not, however, enjoy the email I received from them this morning warning me they'd been hacked.

From TechCrunch:

According to an email to customers, attackers may have accessed basic profile data, including names, email addresses and phone numbers — but also more sensitive data that users may have added to their profiles, including passport numbers and expiry date, passport country of issuance, NEXUS numbers for trusted travelers, gender, dates of birth, nationality and country of residence.

But credit card data was not accessed, the airline said.

Oh good: my credit card is totally safe, but all the stuff that can be used to pretend to be me and get more of my money is at risk. What a relief.

At the time that this post was written no one had any idea of whether the breached accounts were accessed using re-used passwords found by hackers elsewhere on the Internet or if the personal data shenanigans were the result of a direct attack on the airline's computer system.

If you received an email from Air Canada today, like I did, or have an account with the airline that you use for booking tickets or accessing their mobile app, it's likely a sound idea to hop online and update your password.

Image via Pixabay