Wonder of wonders: a Trapper Keeper for your 7" or 10" tablets

I can not express the joy that a Trapper Keeper for tablets brings me.

A Trapper Keeper themed case for my tablet? I had to order one for my Kindle Fire the instant I saw these are available. The nostalgia was too much!

Who doesn't remember wanting to keep every day of Junior High School organized in their Trapper Keeper? I certainly did! At the beginning of every school year I'd get a new Trapper Keeper and organize it by class. Setting aside sections for each subject I was going to study.

I would promptly then haphazardly jam it full of whatever crap came my way, and emptying it at the end of the year was always a wonder.

As a young adult I tried a Day Runner. Same total fail.

This Trapper Keeper case will sure be fun! There are also Pee-Chee folder and Comp Book designs. Relive your youth.

Make sure to get a 7" case for the smaller tablets, and a 9"-10" case for the larger.

Kensington Trapper Keeper Folio Case for Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, Tab S, Nexus 9, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, Kindle Fire HDX and other 9-Inch to 10-Inch Tablets (K97326WW) via Amazon

Kensington Trapper Keeper (TM) Folio Case for Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, iPad Mini 3, Nexus 7, Kindle Fire HDX, Kindle Fire HD, Chromo Inc, Dragon Touch Y88X ProntoTec and other 7-Inch to 8-Inch Tablets (K97329WW) via Amazon