That Time Danny DeVito Saved Michael Douglas' Life (Surprise Ending!)

I was not expecting the surprise ending to Danny DeVito's retelling of how he once saved the life of his 'Romancing the Stone' co-star Michael Douglas on location in Mexico.



Warning very scary content.

If you no like snek, no watch-a the video.

He talk about snek.

Here is the story. Michael Douglas might have died if Danny DeVito weren't such a totally on top of it dude.

During an appearance on the morning television show "The Talk," Devito, who is 73, retold a crazy story about that time when he and Douglas, 73, were in mexico shooting the early '80s movie "Romancing the Stone."

DeVito remembers there was a man nearby driving a flatbed truck with something in a cage — oh, hey, it's filled with snakes.

"The guy's got a snake on his arm," DeVito says.

"And he says, 'Mr. Douglas, Mr. Douglas.' And all the kids are coming around. Michael grabs the snake and I say, 'Michael, don't touch that snake! That's a snake man. That snake could bite you, man.'"

Danny was right.

A snake bit Douglas.

"Wack! The snake bites him on the hand," DeVito said. "The guy gets it off. I overheard that the best thing to do is you suck the poison out right away. So I did!"

"Grabbed his hand … spitting all over the place," he says as audience member go nuts.

"And I said, 'It's a good thing this thing didn't bite you on the balls, man! You would be a dead man!'"

"Romancing the Stone" (1984) earned almost $77 million at the box office. I bet it would have made twice that if someone had been rolling at the time of this incident.