That Time Danny DeVito Saved Michael Douglas' Life (Surprise Ending!)

I was not expecting the surprise ending to Danny DeVito's retelling of how he once saved the life of his 'Romancing the Stone' co-star Michael Douglas on location in Mexico.


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November 17th is Danny DeVito Day in New Jersey and all is right with the world

Taxi, Throw Momma From the Train, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, War of the Roses, Death to Smoochy: Danny DeVito has his wee fingers in so many of the movies and television pies that I've loved over the years. It seems that others feel the love for Troll Foot just as hard as I do. According to The New York Times, the actor, writing and – I'm just going to say it – 4' 10" cultural touchstone, will be by his former Ashbury Park stomping grounds with a day of his own.

DeVito's love of New Jersey is no secret. Born and raised in the state, he left in his teens to pursue an acting career in New York. With that panning out pretty well, DeVito kept on moving and made his way to the west coast, because of Hollywood. Despite this, his connection to his home state still runs deep.

From The New York Times

He named his production companies after New Jersey and paid for repairs to the Paramount Theater in Asbury Park so the premiere of β€œThrow Mamma From the Train,” which he directed and starred in, could be held there. He was the executive producer behind β€œGarden State,” and when his fellow Jersey icon, Bruce Springsteen, was inducted into the state Hall of Fame, Mr. DeVito gave the introduction.

So, Danny DeVito Day: It'll fall on the 73-year-old's birthday, November 17th. Those with the power to declare this day or that day to have been bestowed to someone will be announcing the honor, officially, at the Ashbury Park Music and Film Festival. Read the rest