EFF and McSweeney's collaborated on a publication: "The End of Trust"

The End of Trust will be McSweeney's issue 54, the first-ever all-nonfiction issue of McSweeney's, with more than 30 contributions on "surveillance in the digital age."

Contributors include Edward Snowden, Cindy Cohn, Myke Cole, Joanna Howard, Bruce Schneier, Madeline Ashby, Trevor Paglen, Gabriella Coleman, Virginia Eubanks, Julia Angwin, Douglas Rushkoff, Ben Wizner, Ethan Zuckerman (and me!).

The issue was guest-edited by EFF staffers (and a few contractors like me), and is a thought-provoking, challenging, and incredibly smart collection on a subject of real urgency.

The whole issue will be released on Nov 20 under a permissive Creative Commons license, and will also be instantiated as one of McSweeney's unmissable gorgeous physical publications (pre-order here).

We also recruited some of our favorite thinkers on digital rights to contribute to the collection: anthropologist Gabriella Coleman contemplates anonymity; Edward Snowden explains blockchain; journalist Julia Angwin and Pioneer Award-winning artist Trevor Paglen discuss the intersections of their work; Pioneer Award winner Malkia Cyril discusses the historical surveillance of black bodies; and Ken Montenegro and Hamid Khan of Stop LAPD Spying debate author and intelligence contractor Myke Cole on the question of whether there's a way law enforcement can use surveillance responsibly.

We've read and reviewed every piece, and without spoiling anything, we can say that it's smart, thought-provoking, entertaining, and altogether freakin' awesome. What's even better is that McSweeney's has agreed that the content should be available to be freely shared under a Creative Commons license. You'll be able to download that from us when the quarterly launches on Nov. 20, but we highly recommend getting your hands on a print copy to keep as an analog artifact of the strange and changing times we live in.

McSweeney's and EFF Team Up for "The End of Trust"
[Dave Maass/EFF Deeplinks]