DEA official tasked with stopping DEA sex parties is under investigation for procuring prostitutes for sex parties

Three years ago the DEA sent one of their top-ranking officials, Richard Dobrich, to South America to put an end to agents having sex parties with prostitutes hired by Colombian drug cartels. Unsurprisingly, Dobrich is now under investigation for directing "Colombian drivers working for the U.S. Embassy in Bogota 'to procure sex workers,' according to a copy of the complaint obtained by The Associated Press and one current and one former law enforcement official."

Dobrich sounds like a real piece of work:

From AP:

Dobrich's tenure as the top executive in Colombia began in 2015, when he was brought in to restore order after a blistering Inspector General's report found several DEA agents had participated in "sex parties" with prostitutes hired by Colombian cartels. That scandal prompted the suspension of several agents and the retirement of Michele Leonhart, the DEA's administrator at the time.

Prior to Bogota, Dobrich oversaw the DEA's military-style FAST teams that battled drug traffickers in Afghanistan and Latin America, and were criticized for a series of fatal shootings in Honduras in 2012, including one in the town of Ahuas that left four civilians dead.

The DEA disbanded the Foreign-Deployed Advisory and Support Team last year following a joint State and Justice Department inspectors general probe that found the DEA — and Dobrich — misrepresented significant aspects of the shooting to Congress and government investigators.

I'll let you known when the DEA's next top-ranking official tasked with stopping DEA sex parties with prostitutes paid by drug cartels gets investigated for initiating DEA sex parties with prostitutes. I'm sure it won't be long.