Make the most of Microsoft Office with this comprehensive course

Microsoft Office tools were created to save you time. We take that for granted in the modern office, but if you truly want to learn how to spur those old Office warhorses like Excel and PowerPoint, there's no better investment than the A to Z Microsoft Office Bundle.

This online training course is suitable for the Office newbie but goes far beyond the basics. You'll get a boot camp in Word and essential tips in PowerPoint design, but the bundle does more than just help make your presentations look pretty. You'll learn to effectively wrangle your data with Excel and Access, then integrate that data into those same PowerPoint shows and Outlook messages in a way that gets everyone on the same page. Lastly, you'll learn to manage corporate reports with Power BI for a birds-eye look at any company mission.

That's all packed into 8 courses, covering everything you need to navigate the modern workplace. Grab the A to Z Microsoft Office Bundle for $29 today.