First 1 terabyte SD card hits stores

Quantity has a quality of its own. Lexar is the first to get 1TB SD cards to market.

As ever, there's a price premium associated with this breakthrough in capacity; you'll pay more for a single 1TB card than you would for two 512GB cards. Lexar has set the price at $499.99 for this model, although B&H has it available to order at $399.99 — that's still quite a hike considering the same retailer has various 512GB cards for under $150.

The first 1TB hard drive you could buy was back in 2007.

According to Hitachi, the drive ships in the first quarter of 2007, and will cost $399–less than the price of two individual 500GB hard drives today. The drive, called the Deskstar 7K1000, will be shown this weekend in Las Vegas at the 2007 International CES

Hitachi notes it took the industry 35 years to reach 1GB (in 1991), 14 years more to reach 500GB (in 2005), and just two more years to reach 1TB.

Western Digital announced the first 15TB hard drive a few weeks ago, but the largest I can find to buy is the 14TB model from Toshiba.

But spinning disks are yesterday's news. Seagate sells a 60TB SSD. Call for pricing.