A list of all the booze in Casablanca (surprisingly long!)

Bruce Sterling cataloged all the onscreen booze in Casablanca, producing a surprisingly long list (Sterling: "ranted, they've all got plenty to drink about, but gee whiz.")

A French 75 sounds a little sweet for my taste, but I might just have to try one the next time we've opened a bottle of bubbly without managing to finish it.

Wine – English couple in the opening scene are drinking wine at the outside cafe when robbed by a sly pickpocket.
Cocktail – A desperado is waiting, waiting, waiting and drinks while lamenting that he will never get out of Casablanca.
Cocktail – Man tries to negotiate a passage out of Casablanca.
Wine – Man buys passage on a fishing vessel
Wine – Women trying to get more money for her jewels

Cocktail – Englishmen are served by Sascha in Rick's bar, and toasting cheerio.
Wine – Women gambling at Rick's while drinking
Champagne glass (already empty) – In front of Rick as he is toying with a chess problem
Wine – Ugarte drinks while bargaining with Rick.

Brandy (Boss's Private Stock) – Sacha serves the good stuff to the spurned Yvonne, because Yvonne is Rick's private stock
Brandy – Captain Louis Renault drinks at Ricks. He's a steady customer, since the bar also has loose women.
Brandy – the Italian Fascist Captain Tonelli drinks while harassed by Lieutenant Casselle in Rick's.
Brandy – Rick gives some free brandy to Renault in Rick's office.
Veuve Cliquot 1926 – The top French champagne that Renault recommends to Strasser as the Nazi crassly gobbles caviar.

Wine – Ugarte has a glass when arrested
Wine – Resistance member Berger drinks wine at the bar as Laszlo and Ilsa walk into Rick's.
Cointreaux – Laszlo orders two for himself and Ilsa as their first of many drink orders in Rick's.
Champagne – Captain Renault orders "a bottle of the best" when invited by Laszlo to join him and Ilsa at their table.
Champagne Cocktail – Laszlo orders one he joins Berger to conspire at the bar.
Champagne Cocktail – Renault orders for himself and Laszlo at the bar as Berger flees.
Champagne – Renault orders some for Rick when Rick joins the Laszlo party.
Bourbon – Rick drinks American bourbon to console himself for former mistress Ilsa somehow walking into his gin-joint, of all the gin-joints in the world

Champagne – Rick opens a bottle of champagne in Ilsa's flashback room in their happy liaison in Paris.
Wine – Rick and Ilsa drink in Paris at the Cafe Pierre.
Champagne – Rick, Ilsa, and Sam hastily guzzle three bottles of Mumm Cordon Rouge as the Nazis occupy Paris.

"The Bourbon" – Ferrari demands his special bourbon in his own bar, the Blue Parrot, when Rick arrives to negotiate. Somehow, Rick refuses the bourbon, saying he never drinks in the morning.
Wine – The pickpocket toasts another sucker in Rick's before he robs him.
Brandy – Rick is drinking heavily on the second night in his club and Renault joins him for a brandy.

French 75s – The cocktail Yvonne orders when she comes in as the brand-new floozy of a German officer. A "French 75" is an American drink named after a caliber of French artillery in World War One.

Recipe of the "French 75" cocktail
2 oz French cognac
5 oz of chilled champagne
1.5 oz lemon juice
1 tsp. superfine sugar

Champagne – Strasser and fellow German officers are joined by Renault while living it up for the second night in Ricks.
Brandy – Carl serves brandy to the Leuctags to salute their escape to America.
Brandy – Rick offers brandy to Annina (Bulgarian refugee girl) as she prepared to prostitute herself to Renault to save herself and her husband.
Cognac – Laszlo orders for himself and Ilsa the second night in Rick's.
Brandy – Rick continues drinking recklessly at his own bar.

Champagne – After the publicly defiant singing of the Marseillaise, Lazslo and the French officers toast the humiliation of the Germans.
Champagne – Ilsa and Rick drink in Rick's room the second night.
Whisky – Rick doses Laszlo with medicinal whisky after Laszlo gets roughed-up while escaping a police crackdown on the Resistance.
Vichy Water – Renault pours himself this non-alcoholic drink of this after Rick has shot Strasser, but in a symbolic act drops Vichy into the trash.

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