Here is a thing you can do to help eligible voters vote in 2020

Help a disadvantaged fellow American obtain an ID to get a job, a safe place to live, and so they can vote.

Cristelle Brown works with Spread The Vote [@SpreadTheVoteUS] + Project ID [@ProjectIDUS], a nationally-operating 501c3, nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that "helps individuals obtain government-issued photo identification for the purposes of voting, obtaining employment, securing housing, and so much more."

Donating to support their work will definitely piss off Donald Trump supporters, and that's a thing you can do right now that will make you feel great about your day.

Fight racism, fight prejudice against people who are poor or who have been incarcerated, and fight election rigging. Spread The Vote + Project ID help ensure as many possible eligible votes will be counted in 2020.

More from Cristelle Brown, who works out of Richmond Virginia:

We also provide our clientele with the education, tools, and transportation they'll need to successfully participate in the voting process on local, state, and national levels.

We have been working diligently to reach our goal of helping 100 people per week obtain the ID they need to live full lives, but with that comes the need for funds.

Here's our CrowdPac link: Help 100 people per week obtain IDs to get jobs & find places to sleep!

If you have questions about their work, I've invited her to speak in this thread, and you can also @yesauntiecris her on Twitter.