Pet insurance approved my giant dog's large claim nearly instantly, with no stress

I can focus on helping my Great Pyrenees, Nemo, recover from really miserable surgery rather than worrying about the thousands of dollars it is costing.

Five-year-old Nemo blew out his knees. A not-rare 'athletic injury' compounded by his size set my best buddy up for some serious recovery time. We've spent 2 months getting over the work that was done to his right leg, and in another month or so he is due to have the left sawed on. Nemo is more active than he has been since the injury. He stands without lameness or a limp and wants to walk miles more than I do.

If our vet says the other leg needs to be worked on, I trust our vet!

Today I received our estimate via email from the specialist veterinarian office. Within moments I had logged into my pet insurance's website and submit the claim for pre-approval. After hitting send I went upstairs to take a shower, and start worrying.

By the time I got out of the shower and checked email (because we all check email whilst still wet, right?) the surgery had been approved! I am so glad not to be worrying about this for several days.

When all is said and done Nemo's knees will have cost around $20k. Trupanion has been right there for us. I haven't had a single upsetting or gut-wrenching moment with insurance. Had we not bought insurance the day Nemo came home I am not sure how this would have worked out.

OK, I'm starting to cry.

Comparing how easy and helpful pet medical insurance has been to the incredibly shitty job my car insurance company is doing after my parked car was hit by someone else leaves me supremely grateful. Fuck you, car insurance!

I can bring myself to tears any time I think about how insane $20k of dog surgery would have been without the insurance. There are things inherent to the insurance you should be aware of — make sure you understand how their deductibles work — but pet insurance is making this all a lot easier for us.

Thank you Trupanion for not making this more frustrating!