Kickstarting gorgeous mechanical metal models

Time 4 Machine is a Ukrainian design shop led by Denis Okhrimenko; their latest project is "The most beautiful construction set in the world", a set of thin steel parts that you bend together to make (yes) beautiful mechanical models: a business-card case, a tractor, a working clockwork timer, a vintage sportscar, a springpowered cabriolet, a sedan, a Hercules eight-motor aircraft and a dieselpunk steamliner engine.

Each model is assembled with two fine-nosed pliers, and features mechanical linkages, gears and hinges to animate it.

The project's creators designed and fulfilled a similar project in 2017, which bodes well for backers of this one.

The models range in price from $18 (card case) to $112 (steamliner) with breaks for quantity: the full set will cost you $432. They are fully funded.

The most beautiful construction set in the world [Time 4 Machine/Kickstarter]

(Thanks, Katia!)