This innovative music service curates songs for productivity

Want to focus more at work? Some of us put on a little music, whether it's to tune out the chatter at the office or get us comfortable in front of the computer at home. And that's great – we all have our favorite songs. But if they're not helping you actually work, what's the point?

Here's a solution: Save the summer jams for your downtime. When it's time to actually work, you might want to try Focus@Will, a music service that's dedicated to increasing your productivity.

Like any music streaming service, Focus@Will lets you choose a channel to suit your mood. There's more than 50, with playlists dedicated to ambient, acoustic, classical piano, "electro bach" to name a few. The difference is, each of them has songs scientifically designed to increase your focus and mute distractions

It's already used by high-level employees at Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, and other top companies, and you can get your own service for 75% off the MSRP: A premium one-year subscription to Focus@Will is now $24.95.