Pay what you want for over 120 hours of coding training

Looking for a career in IT, gaming or software development? In the ever-changing world of the internet, versatility is your biggest asset. In other words, mastering Java might not cut it in an interview if you don't know C#.

However, there's a bundle that covers the essentials in most any language. The Legendary Learn to Code Bundle is a roundup of 13 online courses, each one focused on a different coding platform and its primary uses – and those uses cover nearly every aspect of the internet, from app development to data analytics.

Best of all, it's currently priced on a "name your price" basis. Anything you pay will get you at least some of the pack, and beating the average price will let you take home the entire thing. Check out what you can learn in the complete bundle:

  • Google Go, a great all-around programming language for newbies.
  • Angular 7, the latest version of a Typescript-based tool for app development.
  • Git, one of the primary control systems for software engineers.
  • Java, a tried and true language that can be used for creating Android apps and much more.
  • Ruby, another user-friendly platform that's great for web development.
  • C#, with a focus on how this object-oriented language can be used to create the framework for games.
  • SQL, the foundation for most big databases at major companies.
  • JQuery, a popular Javascript library that can build website forms and ordering mechanisms.
  • Python, a versatile language that uses the BeautifulSoup library to gather data.
  • React, another Javascript library that you can use to create and deploy user interfaces.
  • HTML5 and Phaser 3, a language combo that forms the basis for many games.

… plus an entire overview course dedicated to web development, showing how languages like HTML, Javascript, and CSS can build different aspects of a site. In all, it's more than 120 hours of training that incorporates hands-on projects and tutorials as well as reference materials. Separately, the individual courses total up to nearly $2500, but the Legendary Learn to Code Bundle is now up for grabs on a "pay what you want" basis.