These fold-out tote bags make eco-friendly shopping a breeze

Kudos to those of us who have chosen a less wasteful third option to "paper or plastic" at the supermarket or club stores. Tote bags are reusable, but they can be a pain to tote around.

Here's an upgrade to that planet-saving measure. The Club Cart Lotus Trolley Bag is that rare tote you'll want to use again, making it easier to load and unload groceries while also keeping them cold.

The main innovation here is a rack that spreads out across your shopping cart, allowing you to unfold and keep them open by way of a velcro handle. That way, you can easily load them up and unpack them again when you get home – not to mention how neatly they store away. They're well made inside and out, with mildew and mold resistant material and dedicated holders for eggs and wine on the interior. One bag in the initial three-pack even features thermal insulation for freezer items.

A three-pack of the Club Cart Lotus Trolley Bag is currently $29.99, 25% off the original MSRP.