Learn cloud computing for AWS, Microsoft Azure, & Google Cloud

If you can build a cloud infrastructure, you can build a business. Companies are overwhelmingly turning to cloud computing to set up or bolster their network, and it's easy to see why. It allows on-demand access to processing power, a la carte services, and nearly unlimited storage, all without adding extra systems and the maintenance that comes along with them.

When it comes to cloud infrastructure, the usual tech giants have the lion's share of the market. Amazon's AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud all have their strengths, but they share key principles. Right now, one of the quickest ways to get a handle on all of them is the Cloud Computing Architect Certification Bundle.

In the introductory courses, you'll learn the fundamentals before tackling the particulars of the Big Three providers. You'll get a breakdown of the three main models: SAAS (Software as a Service), PAAS (Platform as a Service) and IAAS (Infrastructure as a Service), allowing you to better decide which platform is best for what model.

Later courses will zoom in on what makes each provider unique. By the time you're done with the dedicated course on AWS, you'll understand what makes it ideal for developing web applications and be able to navigate its messaging services.

In the Google Cloud courses, you'll explore the platform's many strengths as a foundation for data analytics and machine learning. That includes a mastery of key software like Hadoop and TensorFlow, along with a fundamental understanding of how neural networks operate.

For "hybrid cloud" systems, Microsoft's Azure offers a host of services and support. The Azure courses take you from simple user configurations to the layers of service needed to create an entire automated system.

In total, it's a wealth of vital resources and exercises spread across nearly 80 hours of content. The entire Cloud Computing Architect Certification Bundle is on sale for $39 (down from its previous sale price of $59), but you can take an extra 60% off that final price for Memorial Day weekend by using the coupon code WEEKEND60.