Get 50+ hours of Microsoft Excel training for a price you pick

Microsoft Excel know-how is a plus in nearly any business. More than just a spreadsheet program, this popular software suite has applications for data analytics, accounting, security and more. It can take months of tutelage under an expert to master all the features in Excel - or a couple of weeks with the Epic Excel 2019 Mastery Bundle. And now that there's a "pay what you want" deal, you'll definitely want to consider the latter option.

Suitable for any level of experience, this training package covers all the essentials in 8 integrated lessons. You'll quickly learn to work with columns and cells, then move on to Excel's more powerful features. By the end of the final course, you'll know your way around PivotTable and be able to automate complex processes with VBA.

You can name your price for the Epic Excel 2019 Mastery Bundle by bidding what you want. Any bid will take home a partial bundle while beating the average price will get all eight courses.